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Kategori : Wheel Set
Merek : Campagnolo
Diameter Rims : 700c
Jumlah Hole : 16


The new standout feature of the updated wheelset is of course the move to a Campagnolos wider C17 rim profile that started with their Shamal wheels last year to give better support to the wider tires most roadies are riding these days. The wheels are still firmly planted on the road and arent designed for super wide gravel tires, but at the same time they offer a solid value coming down in both price and weight from the previous generation of Sciroccos.
Plus, it looks like the wheels are showcasing a new low-cost QR lever that combines the best of both internal & external cam designs. Leave it to the company of quick release skewer inventor Tullio Campagnolo to innovate a QR on a budget wheelset ninety years later
The new Scirocco C17 wheels get the same 17mm internal width of the rest of their updated road wheels (now including Scirocco, Zonda, Shamal Ultra in rim brake and all of Campys disc brake wheels.) C17 is an update to deliver a better, more efficient shape for 25-28mm tires but still is very much a road oriented rim width, as opposed to the current trend of even wider all-road and gravel tires. Campagnolo also claims that the wider rim profile provides an improvement in aerodynamics with a smoother tire to rim shape transition, especially with 25mm tires.
The wheels carry over most of the tech from the previous version of the Scirocco and retain the same 35mm depth in the alloy rim that Campagnolo feels offers an optimal balance of aero performance and light weight. Weight is a pretty big update and the new Scirocco C17 wheelset drops to 1654g (746g front/ 908g rear) for a savings of around 70g over the previous wheelset.
The Scirocco C17 uses a welded rim (not a tubeless ready profile) & machined brake surfaces, something you dont always get at this price point. The wheels use variable profile, straight pull stainless aero spokes, with 16 spoke radial lacing in the front and 21 spoke G3 grouped lacing on the rear and an oversized driveside flange to balance out spoke tension.
They also get Campys Internal Spoke Support tabs, effectively eyelets inside the rim that act as self-aligning washers to evenly distribute spoke tension inline with the spoke angle.

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Weight 22000 g